Training and advice

Schools workshops

We deliver structured programmes of advice and information workshops in schools for young people.

The workshops are delivered by our skilled development workers, supported by specialists in literacy and communication skills and financial inclusion work.

We can tailor our programme structure and content to meet the individual needs of young people.

Please see our schools workshops page for more information.

Employability courses

We offer a variety of employability courses for young people in Edinburgh and Glasgow. All of our courses support young people to increase their confidence; gain qualifications; develop and improve their CV, build work skills; set goals; and raise their aspirations. Through our social enterprises, FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland and Move On Wood Recycling, we are also able to offer practical work experience.  

We are an SQA accredited centre and offer SQA Awards in core skills, employability, personal development and the Certificate of Work Readiness.

Please see our employability courses page for details about each of our courses.

Literacy and numeracy

Move On’s literary and numeracy service helps people feel more confident in their reading, writing, spelling, number work, IT skills and oral communication.  

The service is offered on a one to one basis and in group sessions, either in Move On’s Glasgow office or on an outreach basis. 

Please see our literacy and numeracy page for more information. 

Money and debt advice

Our Money and Debt Advice service offers people the support they need to manage debt and be more financially stable and confident.

The service is available in our Glasgow office or on an outreach basis.

Please see our money and debt advice page for more information.