Drivers Employability Training Scheme

Our Drivers Employability Training Scheme supports young people with an aspiration to drive for a living to become safe, competent, and qualified van drivers.

The programme was developed following a review of our employability services post-pandemic, recognising the growing number of driving, logistics, and delivery roles in the job market.

We also recognise how difficult it is for many young people to learn to drive, with the potential cost of £3,500 out of reach for many of the young people we support.

Our Drivers Employability Training Scheme is based at our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland warehouse, where we have in-house driving and forklift instructors.

What young people can gain

A full UK driving license

Support to pass theory and practical tests

Driving lessons with our in-house driving instructor

Forklift training, and driving hours, in our accredited RTITB training centre

Learn to drive vans through van conversion training

Accredited customer service and health and safety training

Improved time management skills

Support to secure and sustain driving employment

"I've had numerous attempts before but I was never as confident as I was with you."

Cade, a young person who passed his driving test through Move On

Jordan's story

Jordan wanted to secure a job in warehousing and logistics, but felt his minimal work experience, low self-confidence, and lack of driving license were real barriers to him achieving this goal.

Our Drivers Employability Training Scheme enabled Jordan to develop at a faster pace because our in-house driving instructor was able to allocate more one-to-one training time.

Jordan passed his practical driving test on the first attempt which shows how much effort he had put in. He’s now taken the next step and has started driving our warehouse vans.

Martin's story

After unfortunately losing his job during the pandemic, Martin signed up for our Drivers Employability Training Scheme to gain his driving license. 

Through the scheme, Martin was able to pass his driving test; gain practical experience driving our warehouse vans; complete his forklift operator training; and achieve qualifications in food handling and hygiene. 

Martin has now secured a permanent job in our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland warehouse as a Development Worker. 


For more information, or to refer a young person, please contact Gordon on 0141 958 1133 or