The Promise

What is The Promise?


Scotland’s promise to care experienced children and young people is that they will grow up loved, safe, and respected.


History of The Promise

In October 2016, after meeting with and listening to children and young people in care, Scotland’s First Minister made a commitment that Scotland would “come together and love its most vulnerable children, to give them the childhood they deserve.”

Following this, the First Minister launched an independent and in-depth review of Scotland’s care system. The Independent Care Review began its work in February 2017, concluding in February 2020. This examined every aspect of the care system, from legislation and practice, to culture and ethos. The aim of the Independent Care Review was to identify, and more importantly, deliver, lasting change within Scotland’s care system. This change will leave a legacy which transforms the wellbeing of infants, children and young people throughout Scotland.

The conclusion of this review produced seven reports, one of which was The Promise. On the day these were published, the First Minister pledged in front of Scottish Parliament to #KeepThePromise. This commitment won the support of all political parties.

Over 5,500 children and adults engaged with the Care Review which formed The Promise. To date, numerous organisations, institutions, bodies, communities and groups all across Scotland have pledged to #KeepThePromise. Move On are proud to join this pledge.

Move On’s Promise Pledge

Move On is committed to ensuring we deliver all of our services in a manner which meets the needs of young people with experience of care.

Move On will continue to deliver mentoring services tailored to the needs of young people with experience of care. This includes our ongoing participation in the Scottish Government’s intandem programme.

Move On will maintain partnerships with young people’s Champions Boards across Scotland.

Move On will continue taking strides towards becoming a trauma-informed and skilled organisation.

Move On will train, inform and empower our staff and volunteers to work on a trauma-skilled, person-centred level. We will support them to act on the principles of Safety, Empowerment, Trust, and Collaboration.

Move On will deliver support for young people and their families. We will reflect the key role families have to play in the lives of our young people.

Move On will continue to develop a rights-based approach. We will ensure that our staff and volunteer teams understand and communicate the importance of the UNCRC children’s rights to both the young people we support and their families.

Move On will develop the strengths, and listen to the concerns and aspirations of, young people with experience of care. We will use these to drive our service design.

Move On will use the principles of, and our learnings from The Promise to continually inform our business strategy.

Move On will report to the young people we support, highlighting how we have kept The Promise. We will seek their active engagement on how we can improve our services for them – and we’ll act on their feedback.

Move On will #KeepThePromise.