If your organisation uses food to support people, you could save money on your food bill with a FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland membership. You might be a homeless hostel, a school, a refuge or a community centre. Whatever the focus of your service, as long as you use food to make a difference in your community you can sign up.

The food we provide is surplus from the food industry. Food can become surplus – which means that it is not going to be sold – for simple reasons such as over-production, labelling errors or short shelf life. It is good quality, in date and, if you ask us, pretty tasty. Surplus food occurs everywhere in the supply chain from field through to fork: it could be from a grower, a manufacturer or a retailer.

As well as giving you access to varied and nutritious food, a FareShare membership can save you money. Membership allows organisations to save on average £8,000-£13,000 a year on their food bill, leaving you with more money to put back into your essential services.

Our warehouse

Move On manages the FareShare Glasgow and West of Scotland regional centre, based at 1070 South Street in Scotstoun.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations that use food to support people can join FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland as Community Food Members. Our membership gives you a weekly supply of fresh food and store cupboard staples.

We have collection points across the West of Scotland for organisations that can’t access our warehouse in Glasgow.


  • Choose how much food you receive. On average our members receive five trolleys worth of food per week, but you can tell us how much your organisation needs.
  • Get a regular supply of food. Collect your order from our warehouse or we may be able to deliver to you.
  • We will support you on food safety. Receive advice and guidance regarding food safety best practice from trained staff.
  • We provide volunteer opportunities. Your community can volunteer with FareShare to develop skills and training.

Community Food Membership

To access our food, Community Food Members pay an annual membership fee. With a variety of different membership options, your organisation can choose the right tier to suit your food requirements and budget.

As a charity ourselves, this nominal fee is essential to cover operational costs. This includes warehouse space, chillers, delivery vehicles and fuel. Furthermore, it is a very small percentage of the value of the food supplied to you. To put it in context, membership allows organisations to save on average £8,000-£13,000 a year on their food bill.


If your charity or not-for-profit organisation is interested in becoming a Community Food Member, please contact John Connell on 0141 958 1133 or johnc@moveon.org.uk.

“Since we started our FareShare membership, we have been able to considerably increase the quality and quantity of food that we serve and give away each week.”

Paul Foinette

Executive Member, The Kings Church

“The food FareShare deliver to us is brilliant. We get a great range of fresh meat, fruit and veg which allows our team to make nutritious meals from scratch which our guests can eat in the cafe or take away.”

Amanda Quinn

Centre Manager, Heart of Scotstoun

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