Young Inspection Volunteers

Young Inspection Volunteers work with the Care Inspectorate to inspect care and social work services to make sure they are high quality and meet the needs of people who use them.  

Young Inspection Volunteers are 18-26 years old and have used a care service before. You don’t have to have any qualifications – personal experience is what counts. 

We believe your unique insight into care can help improve the services for other people. You will join us on inspections to talk to children and young people using services. We know that they are more likely to share their honest views with you, because of your similar experience. You can make sure their views are an important part of the inspection and are included in the inspection report. 

We work with the Care Inspectorate to recruit and train Young Inspection Volunteers, as well as supporting Young Inspection Volunteers on inspection visits.



We will support you to be a Young Inspection Volunteer and try to match you with services best suited to your experience.  

We will provide five days induction training and ongoing support and training throughout your volunteering. 

The role does involve travel, however expenses, transport and hotel accommodation is provided. 


If you’re interested in becoming a Young Inspection Volunteer, please contact Julie from the Care Inspectorate on 07501 681 493.