Rebekah found out about our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland service through her Mum back in March, when they both started volunteering five days a week during lockdown.

Before this, Rebekah says she spent “most days lying in bed doing nothing”. The team in our warehouse told her about our Employability Fund training course, which we thought would be a perfect fit for Rebekah, so she enrolled in the Stage 3 course in July.

Since starting on the course, Rebekah says her “confidence has improved massively” and she finds it easier to talk to new people.

As well as practical work experience in our warehouse, Rebekah has also achieved her SQA accredited Certificate of Work Readiness at SCQF Level 4. She has also been helping with overseeing the Stage 2 trainees on the warehouse floor and is now confident enough to give instructions and show them how to do their tasks well.  

Rebekah has dyslexia and has also received support from our learning service, which has helped her feel more confident in her role and she no longer avoids certain tasks that she didn’t feel comfortable doing when she started the course. 

Rebekah says she “likes the staff and volunteers here and that you can go and ask anyone for help if you need it.” She’s looking forward to starting her forklift permit training soon and is hopeful about securing employment after completing the course.