Peer Educator Charlie

I first came to Move On when I was 17 as a participant for the peer educator training. I didn’t know much about Move On nor did I know the massive impact it would have on my life. When I first started my training I was angry, competitive, didn’t listen to others and was really just a pain in the backside but as time went on I learned to develop myself with the support of the staff team into the person I am today. For many years Move On have supported me through many troubles in my life including supporting me through homelessness, my own tenancy and most importantly helping me cope with my mental health.

I have always felt welcomed at Move On no matter when I would appear with or without an appointment someone was always willing to give up their time to have a chat and help me cope with my problems. The support and love from an organisation as a whole is phenomenal to be able to ask for help and advice and never be turned down.

Being a volunteer peer educator for many years with the organisation I loved nothing more than going out to assist with delivering various workshops with members of the Glasgow staff team. This was always a fun learning experience for myself while delivering different types of game based workshops such as homelessness, budgeting and finance and employability. It was such a great opportunity to be a part of the volunteering team and accessing such great support through my years with Move On.

To reflect on things I have gained while being a volunteer at Move On I honestly don’t think I would be here today. I have had many struggles over the years and the staff at Move On were always willing to help. I accessed the money debt advice services so many times and never seen so much commitment into helping others in my whole life. I also would like to say that the one to one support is just so inspiring to motivate myself into developing my own personality and making me a much better person.

I have held down several jobs not to mention other long going volunteer opportunities while still accessing support at Move On. The open door policy at this organisation is one to be remembered and the fact that I have received and still continue to access support while working within another organisation shows that the staff team at move on thrive to support their volunteers in any capacity possible.

All I can say is that in my ten years at Move On I have always felt wanted and  I always know that I can return for any help, support and advice needed to be welcomed with open arms and a cup of tea.

Thank you Move On for all the support you have given me.

Charles McFarlane

Peer Education