Life Lessons

Move On’s Youth and Community Skills group have used their own life experiences to inspire creative writing pieces. Vanessa wrote a poem about what life on the streets feels like and about what it’s like experiencing cyber bullying. Paula has also shared a poem about living with depression.

Having now completed the Youth and Community Skills programme, all are gearing up to volunteer as peer educators, helping other young people by drawing on their own experiences. These poems have been created with the hope that they will help understating of issues affecting young people and of homelessness.

Street Life, by Vanessa

Sitting in the street, can’t feel my feet.  Had no food and need some sleep.

The world keeps moving as I still sit, they have their opinion that I‘m a bit of s**t.

No-one knows my story, yet they are the first to judge. All I want to do is, give them a little nudge

and say …

“Hey you, have you got a minute?

Let me tell you about my story, don’t just walk past and ignore me.”

No-one listens, no one cares,

This world is just not fair!!

There is no need for this hate,

Please stop, don’t discriminate.

Cyber Bullying, by Vanessa

Behind a screen you are so mean, you put me down and make me bleed.

You think it’s cool to be cruel, but really you are just a fool

who puts me down from time to time, and has to do it all online.

You can’t see me and I can’t see you.

Yet you have so many views, of who I am and what I do, but they are all so untrue.

It’s: I am ME, and you are YOU, so turn your screen off and find something new!!

Cyber Bullying, by James

As u sit behind a screen saying stuff and being mean,

I know you don’t care but I can’t take it any mare.

As I sit on my own

you continue to b**ch and have a moan.

Why can’t you see

your words are killing me?

So before I go I want you to know

it’s because of you I feel so low.

When you look up at the sky

just remember you’re the reason why.

Life Lesson, by Paula

I’d say having depression

is a screwed up life lesson.

It plays with your head

and can leave you down in your bed.

When you feel at your worst

or when you’re ready to burst,

you just want someone to understand

or hold out a friendly hand.

You feel all alone

but not wanting to moan.

People will say “smile”

but it’s been such a while.

You’ll still go to work

although people will smirk,

when deep down your trying

although you feel more like dying,

You’re living with depression…

You’re learning its lesson.