The Care Inspectorate are currently recruiting Young Inspection Volunteers to be involved in the inspection of services for children and young people throughout Scotland.

Young Inspection Volunteers are 18–26 years old and have a personal experience of using services themselves.

Who are the Care Inspectorate?

The Care Inspectorate inspect care and social work services to make sure they are high quality and meet the needs of people who use them. They believe they can make care better by working with people who have a personal experience of those services.

Is this the right opportunity for you?

They’re looking for young people with a personal experience of care. So, if you have used a care service, you could be just who they’re looking for. You don’t have to have qualifications – personal experience is what counts.

You need to be aged 18–26 to apply.

How you will work together

Your personal experience gives you a unique insight into care. You will join the Care Inspectorate on inspections to talk to children and young people using services. They know that young people are more likely to share their honest views with you, because of your similar experience. You can make sure their views are an important part of the inspection and are included in the inspection report.

The Care Inspectorate will support you to be a young inspection volunteer and try to match you with services best suited to your experience. They will offer you training and work closely with you to support you in your work with them. They will pay your expenses and if you have additional needs, they will do their best to support you with these too.

What will you do as a young inspection volunteer?

  • Take part in inspections of individual services and also of local authority areas.
  • Talk to children and young people using services and record their views and opinions on the service they are getting.
  • You may run focus groups to find out what children and young people think of their service.
  • Meet with managers to find out how well children and young people are involved in developing and improving services.
  • Help the Care Inspectorate to find out about corporate parenting.
  • You may write a summary of what you found, for the inspection report.

You will get training and support to do all of this.

What happens when you apply?

The Care Inspectorate interview you, check references and carry out criminal records checks.

If you are successful, you will get training and shadow inspections.

Want to find out more?

Get in touch with the Care Inspectorate if you need to know more to help you decide if you’d like to apply. We’re waiting to answer any questions you have.

Call Gemma Watson, Involvement Advisor, on 07766697633 or email to find out more.