This Women’s Furniture Making course ran for 6 weeks at Move On Wood Recycling in Edinburgh. We’re very excited to finally share the progress and final results from the amazing participants.


The women’s furniture making course was available to woman living in North Edinburgh, including Granton, Pilton & Muirhouse. Firstly, the group learnt the basics of wood working, and then they designed and built their own piece of furniture. A coffee table, garden planter, shoe rack, or even some shelving – they designed, and we helped to build it.

Read on to hear and see the journey of the four participants and what they made.

This course was kindly funded by the Russel Trust

Two participant had no previous wood working experience, the other two said they had a little having done some DIY around the house. All said that working with wood was something they’d always wanted to do.

One participant said:

“Cecilia was a fantastic teacher, and she trained us well. Agata was extremely helpful too. I’m so proud of the bench I made, along with the balancing cord for my grandson. I even managed to cut and sand some reclaimed scaffold boards for shelves. I can’t wait to get them home and start using them!”

All participants said they felt much more confident to take on DIY projects at home, and they’re keen to do more with reclaimed timber in the future. They also mentioned enjoying the social aspect of the course, saying they enjoyed making friends and/or connections during their time in our workshop. Now that they’ve done our women’s furniture making course, they’re keen to do more in the future!

On a final note, one participant said:

“I wish there was an intermediate course to follow! I learnt lots and gained a huge amount of confidence working with tools.”

Womens furniture making course - women holding a shelving unit and table made by them, from reclaimed wood

Congratulations to all! The Move On Wood team hope these beautiful ‘new’ pieces are being well used and loved in their new homes. Having been made from reclaimed wood, these pieces have got a really amazing story to tell.

Head to the Move On Wood website to see what else they get up to, and be sure to follow them on social media: