Volunteer with young people in Edinburgh

We’re looking for mentors to volunteer with vulnerable children and young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians as part of our intandem service. intandem is a national mentoring programme, run in Edinburgh and the Lothians by Move On.

This is a rewarding opportunity to provide a supportive relationship to a child or young person involved in the care system, specifically those living at home (under a compulsory supervision order) or with extended family (kinship care).

Children and young people become involved with the care system when parents struggle to navigate tough times. This could be chronic illness, mental health problems or a death in the family – all things that can make it harder to give children the best care and support.

A consistent, caring mentoring relationship helps children and young people to develop positive wellbeing and resilience, giving them the foundation they need to build strong relationships in the future and overcome trauma experienced in the past.

The impact you can have as a volunteer mentor

As a volunteer with children and young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians, you can support an 8-14 year old by providing:

  • Regular weekly visits with a supportive adult who holds the child or young person in positive regard
  • Access to age-appropriate activities
  • Enough time to build a relationship which allows the young person to develop confidence, skills and resilience

We know how crucial it is for all children and young people to have at least one long-term relationship with a positive adult role model.

Most of the children and young people that intandem matches with a mentor face a number of challenges. We require volunteers to support them and build a positive, trusting, supportive and secure relationship.

intandem seeks to offer these young people a different experience – one where they have opportunities for new and positive activities, where they have choices, where they can learn to trust their own judgement, and where they can have fun.

A rewarding volunteering opportunity

Mentoring is often as life-changing for mentors as it is for children and young people. Mentors regularly tell us that they feel more confident, less stressed and have a better sense of purpose in their life.

As well as a way to develop personally, our mentoring service is a unique opportunity to enhance your CV, with mentors improving their leadership and management skills, and many employers highly valuing volunteering.

Volunteer with young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians

How we will support you

We will provide extensive training before you are matched with your mentee, so you feel completely ready for your new role.

After you have been matched with a child or young person, one of our team will take you both out a couple of times so you can get to know each other.

You will then meet up one-to-one for a couple of hours every week to take part in an activity together.

We will arrange the activities for a day of the week and time that suits you and your mentee best. All activity expenses will be covered by Move On, so you are never out of pocket.

Our experienced and informed staff will support you for the duration of the match.

Volunteer mentor training

Our next intandem mentor training will take place from 23rd May-1st June. The training will be delivered online by Move On staff.

How to apply

If you’re interested in volunteering with children and young people in Edinburgh and the Lothians, please contact Abby on abby@moveon.org.uk.