We’re delighted to say that Scottish Children’s Lottery Trust have supported our Mentoring for Wellbeing project with a grant.

The project has been developed in response to the increasing number of young people being referred to our mentoring services who are struggling with mental health issues.

Mentoring for Wellbeing supports young people to improve their mental health and wellbeing and improve their confidence by giving them:

  • The opportunity to choose and take part in activities with their mentor that will improve their mental wellbeing
  • 1:2:1 support to identify and work towards their goals and put a Personal Wellbeing Plan in place
  • Tools and resources to improve their mental wellbeing

Activities that young people and their mentors have taken part in so far include rock climbing and boxing!

This generous grant will support 20 young people in Edinburgh and Glasgow to improve their mental wellbeing, as well as identify and work towards their own personal goals.

A big thank you to the Scottish Children’s Lottery Trust for their support!