Our rebrand launch

There have been some big changes at Move On. From today you’ll see we have a new look and feel. We’ve also launched a new vision and mission.  

We’re really excited about our rebrand launch and hope you like the changes, but we understand you may have questions. We’ve shared a short Q&A below to explain why we’ve rebranded. 

Why have you decided to rebrand? 

Last year we began a journey to reflect on how Move On has changed over the years.  

Founded in 1997 as a charity focused on rehousing homeless people and working with those in crisis situations, Move On’s approach has since shifted to address the issues that can lead to homelessness. We now work alongside people, across different age groups and facing diverse barriers, to support them to take control of their lives, achieve personal goals, avoid crisis situations arising, and access and sustain education, training and employment. 

You can see a full list of our services here.

We need an identity that reflects what we do, not what we did, and our brand plays a huge role in that. We see our rebrand as an important investment in the future of Move On, so that we can bring our image up-to-date and guarantee people understand who Move On are and what we do. 

We hope our new brand will raise our profile, enable us to raise more funds, and ultimately help us reach more people who need our support. 

Are you going to be changing what you do? 

No. We are still Move On with the same charity number, services and staff teams in our Edinburgh and Glasgow offices and social enterprises.   

We simply want to do more of what we do best. 

What has changed? 

We have a new logo, new brand colours, and new designs across all of our branded materials, including our website, leaflets, vehicles, and offices.  

We’ve also launched a new vision and mission. 

Why have you chosen this particular look?  

The talented team at Bold created a modern new visual identity following an extensive process of feedback and voting by our service users, volunteers, staff, Board members, partners, and funders. 

We wanted to prioritise taking people on this journey with us, so we included opportunities for feedback at every stage of the process.    

Key style features have been included to represent important aspects of the support we offer. The Move On “M” has been designed to be reminiscent of a door on an architect’s blueprint, reflecting Move On’s open door policy and long-term support offered to service users.   

Rebrand launch

Another key style feature is the waved lines or “paths”, representing the unique journeys of our service users. We’re proud that our wide variety of different services mean Move On can provide person-led support, rather than taking a “one size fits all” approach.  

Charity rebrand launch

What is your new vision and mission?  

As well as working together to develop a new visual identity, our service users, volunteers, staff, Board members, partners and funders helped us create a new vision and mission: 

Our vision is a Scotland where every person can confidently navigate through the ups and downs of life and achieve their potential.   

Our mission is to support vulnerable people to achieve personal goals and make positive lasting change in their lives.  

We really appreciate everyone who took the time to provide feedback during this process, and we hope that people can see their voice reflected in the final words we have chosen.   

How much did this rebrand cost? 

Move On was successful in applying for the Brand for Growth programme, which provided significant financial investment and made our rebrand possible.

Brand for Growth, facilitated by the Scottish Government, Bold and Community Enterprise, gives charities and social enterprises the opportunity to benefit from a fully funded re-evaluation of their brand, and creation of a revised visual identity. 

Rebrand for Growth

While the majority of the process was funded by Brand for Growth, we also budgeted for some necessary costs, including updating our website, new signage and branded protective clothing for trainees, volunteers and staff in our social enterprises. This planned spend was included in our 2020-21 budget after careful consideration and extensive discussions by our Board of Trustees.  

As a charity, we take a lot of pride in the fact that we don’t spend money that we don’t have to, and every effort has been made to keep costs low at every stage of this process. Investing in our rebrand did not have any impact on how much we invested in our services and the support we offer.  

We’ve been careful not to waste materials or money as we go through this process, allowing our stock of information leaflets and branded clothing to run down in anticipation of the rebrand, for example.  

We haven’t taken the decision to rebrand lightly and we’re confident that this investment will result in increased income and support for Move On in the coming years. 

Any questions? 

If you have any more questions or want to share your feedback, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Charlene at charlene@moveon.org.uk. We would love to hear from you!