Since being matched in August 2019, mentor Ian has been helping Kiera to increase her confidence and self-esteem. At the moment the pair are taking bass guitar lessons together, but they’ve also dabbled in photography and mini golf, as well as catch ups in coffee shops over hot chocolate. Ian and Kiera have also worked together to come up with ideas on how Kiera can best manage stress and anxiety around her school exams.

Kiera says the best part about having a mentor is “having someone to talk to about issues”, but adds “it’s not all sad because we have fun together too”. She would recommend having a mentor to other young people because “it’s amazing”.

Ian thinks “being able to provide support at a crucial time in a young person’s life” is the highlight of being a mentor. Since he started supported Kiera, Ian has seen a big change in her, saying she’s “definitely more confident, independent and able to manage certain situations which may have caused anxiety in the past.”

We want to say a massive thank you to Ian for his dedication as a volunteer, and wish Kiera all the best for her exams and beyond!

Are you interested in becoming a mentor?

We’re currently looking for volunteer mentors in Glasgow. If you’d like to support a young person to achieve their potential, please contact Laura on or 0141 221 2272.

Our next mentor training in Glasgow starts on Saturday 14th March, so please get in touch ASAP.

You can also read more about what being a mentor involves here.