Move On were delighted to work in partnership with Scottish PEN on their “Many Voices” project. The project worked with six groups across Scotland: Move On, Fife College working at HMP and YOI Polmont, International Women’s Group Glasgow North, LGBT Youth Scotland and Orkney Library and Archive. The aim of the project was to “amplify voices that are silenced and marginalised – not to speak on their behalf, but to empower them and provide a platform so their stories can reach a wider audience”.

As part of the project, weekly workshops were held with vulnerable young people in Glasgow, facilitated by Scottish based author Karen Campbell and supported by Move On literacy workers, Linda and Denise.

Everyone got a chance to write on different themes that enabled them to tap in their creativity. It was fun, thought provoking and the end result was some fantastic pieces of writing.

Many Voices Showcase in Edinburgh

The workshops culminated with each person reading a selection of their work at the Byres Road Book Festival in September 2017 and the final Scottish PEN Many Voices showcase in February 2018.

Move On literacy worker, Linda said “Being part of this project has been the highlight of my job over the last year. It’s great to be able to give people the opportunity to write and share their creative talent and showcase their work. A lot of the writing comes from a personal perspective which in turn can be emotional when it is shared. This has been a great confidence building exercise and the quality and delivery of the work has blown me away.

As an organisation we were able to produce a small booklet to showcase and share their work. I feel that this is vitally important to give people recognition for their effort and talent.”