To celebrate LGBT History Month, as well as part of our effort to earn our Silver Medal on the LGBT Charter, we held an event for staff, young people, and volunteers in our Edinburgh office to reveal our LGBT timeline.

We established a Young Person’s LGBT Group in Move On last year, and, as part of this, the young people suggested we create a timeline of LGBT events in history and pop culture. The timeline is a bold way to educate and emphasize that: “History, Present and Future, is a Rainbow!”

As well as having the idea for the timeline, the young people in our Young Person’s LGBT Group met weekly in the month leading up to the event, and some attended extra sessions, in order to get the timeline finished before our event. The young people also researched and chose which events they wanted to include and highlight in the timeline.

Our event was an opportunity to reveal the timeline, as well as a good opportunity for staff, volunteers and young people to sign our LGBT flag to show their commitment to the inclusive work we have been doing at Move On.

Our LGBTQIA+ Through History timeline is now displayed proudly in our Edinburgh office. If you’re ever popping in, please take a look!