Fighting hunger


Move On manages and runs the Glasgow and West of Scotland branch of FareShare.

FareShare works with the food and drink industry to save good quality surplus food from going to waste and distributes it to organisations working with the most vulnerable people in the community.

The aim is to deliver a food service to those who need it most, including homeless people, elderly people, children, refugees and people suffering mental and physical health problems.

The food provided saves the organisations money and means they can redirect funds into improving their essential services, such as housing advice, medical services and training on nutrition, food hygiene, etc., to help improve people’s lives.

To access the food from our FareShare warehouse, not-for-profit, community and voluntary groups can become Community Food Members. Please see our FareShare page for more information.

Family Food Service

The Family Food Service is a new network of Glasgow-based partners committed to tackling “holiday hunger”. The service provides access to nutritious food for children and families outside school hours and during the school holidays.

The network takes a collaborative approach to tackling holiday hunger through: sharing resources, promoting best practice ideas, better communication streams and supporting useful services.

A major benefit of being part of the network is the ability to access good quality surplus food through our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland warehouse.

Please see our Family Food Service page for more information about becoming a member of the network.