It’s exam results day 2022. Best of luck to everyone who’s receiving their results!

We know that this can be a really big and nerve-wracking day. Whatever results you get today, please remember – today doesn’t define the rest of your life. Your exam results don’t define you.

There is No Wrong Path to finding an interesting, fulfilling future that works for you.

Whatever you’ve been told, career paths rarely go in a straight line. At Move On, we believe that everyone needs support at different times in their life. Everyone takes a different journey to reach their full potential.

If you got the results you wanted today – huge congratulations! Your hard work has paid off, be proud.

If you didn’t receive the results you’d hoped for, be proud that you tried. And most importantly, don’t panic! There’s plenty of help out there for you – this is just a minor setback. Why not take a look at our mentoring, employability and literacy support, and see what we could do to help you on your next steps.

Here’s a look at the very different journeys some of our staff and board members have taken to find their own path.

Shug McRoberts

Shug left school at 10, and was taken into care at 11. He’s battled substance addiction, and was in various institutions until his thirties.

Shug has completely turned his life around since then. He’s been to college, gained the confidence and qualifications he needed, and is now our Senior Development Worker, specialising in Employability. Shug spends his days helping young people from backgrounds like his own to find a better future.





Left school at 10, taken into care at 11, became a product of my environment and was in institutions until my 30s. Surrendered to the 12 step programme of NA; in turn got my life together, went to college, gained certificates/confidence and lots more.

Came to Move On as a student (back in the day when my hair was darker), been here for just under 20 year. I am now a loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, friend etc. My role is Senior Development Worker. I have also gained SVQ2 and 4 in health and social care. Completed Trainer for Trainers course and I now deliver Health and Safety at Work, Emergency First Aid At Work/Manual Handling SCQF Level 5, SQA Assessor and Verifier and much, much more – but I think I have said enough.

Perseverance and challenges are life’s gifts. To any young person that is out there – the message is, YOU CAN DO IT. The longest journey you will ever take is from your HEAD to your HEART.

Willingness is the KEY.”

Lisa Dawson

After leaving school without gaining the results she needed to enter university, Lisa felt a little bit lost.

Your exam results don’t define you. Lisa is now Interim Deputy Secretary of Students at the University of Edinburgh – she’d even been made a director before she turned 40! Lisa also sits on our Board of Trustees.


Ash Mohammed

Ash had no idea what he wanted to do when he left school, and worked in various retail and call centre roles.

He’s now Head of Ventures, Franchise and Function Changes Oversight at Natwest – as well as being the Chair of our Board of Trustees!



Gillian Walker

Gillian left school at 16, and joined a youth training scheme (or modern apprenticeship today!) as an Office Junior.

Today, she’s a Chartered Accountant, owner of her own business, Simply Books123, AND one of our Finance Managers – quite the multi-tasker!


John Hinton

John studied English at university, but took a different career path as a Community Worker and Housing Officer.

Then 25 years ago…he started Move On! John is our Executive Director and Founder, the man who started it all. We’ve been changing lives for 25 years now thanks to his vision. Imagine if he’d just done the job his exam results suggested?