My name is Caz, I am 31 years old and have been engaging with Move On for at least over 5 years now.  When I just arrived at Move On I was very interested in what they had to offer to the likes of young people like myself who maybe didn’t achieve the best grades at school or left school really early.  I can fully admit I wasn’t the most polite or well behaved at this time but the staff (all staff) never gave up or just dismissed us, they always persevered and worked hard to keep us engaged and this made us realise the potential we had to better ourselves and our education.  At one point in my life I really felt I had nothing going for me but Move On gave me a push and the tools to go out and not only gain employment, but a better way of life and gain a career but most importantly a realisation that I can do better.  I really wouldn’t have had the confidence and tools to achieve my dream career if Move On staff weren’t there to help.  I am not only grateful for the help and support from all staff, but it is still a pleasure to stay in contact and I strongly believe we need more staff and organisations like this.

Thanks Move On