Would you like to help a vulnerable young person make the successful transition from living in supported accommodation to managing their own private tenancy and living independently? By volunteering as a befriender, you can help a young person aged 16-25 to increase their confidence, achieve personal goals and make links in their local community.

What a volunteer befriender does

After being matched to someone with similar interests, the befriender and young person meet every week to take part in an activity. For example, you could meet for a hot chocolate, go to a gym class, volunteer in the local community, etc.

There may be particular activities that the young person would like to take part in, but we also encourage volunteer befrienders to introduce ideas for new activities when appropriate.

The volunteer befriender and young person can meet weekly for up to six months.

The difference you can make 

By volunteering as a befriender you can help a young person make positive changes to their life.

Many of the young people we work with have been affected by homelessness, family breakdowns, mental health problems or neglect. Others have struggled with drug and alcohol-related issues.

The emotional and social support you provide as a volunteer befriender can help a young person feel more comfortable and confident during what can be a difficult transition from supported accommodation to a private tenancy.  By supporting a young person to achieve personal goals and make connections in their local community, a volunteer befriender can also increase the chances of a young person living an independent and fulfilling life in the long-term.

There is also potential to encourage a young person to access education or employment opportunities.

How we will support you 

We will provide quality training before you are matched with a young person, so you feel completely ready for your new role.

During the match, a dedicated member of Move On staff will be available to provide you and the young person with ongoing support.

Expenses will also be provided, so you’re not out-of-pocket for any activities, etc.


If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer befriender with Move On, please contact Steph on stephanie@moveon.org.uk or 0131 558 3740.

Please note that our befriending service is only available in Edinburgh.