Gallery of images taken by Chris Close

This gallery is for reference only. These are the selected images based on the original photography proposal of around 25 shots. Move On can look at the supplied contact sheets and choose an alternative version of a particular composition before the photographer, Chris Close, re-touches, colour corrects the images and converts them from RAW format to jpeg for use on this website and Move On’s collateral.

Taken in Edinburgh

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1. Natasha Iregbu

5. Ring of support

9. Achieving potential

2. Teresa Lamey

6. Coffee

10. Giving

3. Calton Hill, Edinburgh

7. Testimonial and quote

11. Thumbs up

4. Training

8. Meeting

Taken in Glasgow

1. The right direction

5. Support

2. Sharing over coffee

6. Hand stand

Glasgow, group with bubble

7. Biscuits

4. Development worker testimonial

8. Meeting


1. Group with van

2. Delivery

3.Chain Delivery

4. Forklift truck

Photos by Philippe Monthoux