We have worked together with Elevate Glasgow PSPVenture ScotlandPhoenix FuturesThe Village Storytelling Centre and Theatre Nemo to create a unique Personal Development course for adults in recovery.

The course launched on February 19th and participants have been taking part in interesting sessions from each of the partner organisations focused on personal development.

In Move On’s Glasgow office, the group recently participated in a team exercise that involved acting out their very own court case! The case involved a fictional couple who had been arrested for stealing food because they were experiencing food poverty. Our legal team consisted of Judge Rudy, Police Officer Kelly, Prosecution Lawyer James and Defence Lawyer Gary. The accused were Sherry and Trevor (future Oscar winners!). Kirsty was a very formidable witness (you don’t want to mess with her) and Kate, Andrew, Kenny and Donna played a very insightful team of jurors.

The task enabled the group to explore social issues such as food poverty and holiday hunger, which are two problems we address through our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland warehouse and Family Food Service project.

Everyone enthusiastically engaged in the art of critical thinking and persuasive communication. They demonstrated the importance of looking at the bigger picture and taking into consideration the views of others before making rash judgements. At times we thought we were in a real court chamber with the heated debates in the room and the gasps from the gallery!

It’s fair to say that our actors have missed their calling – watch out, River City!

If you would like to find out about future Personal Development courses, or other courses for adults in recovery, please contact Elevate Glasgow PSP.