The Move On FareShare Volunteering Employability Project (MOFVEP) offers hands on work experience by volunteering in the FareShare Glasgow and West of Scotland warehouse for up to 20 hours per week over a period of up to nine months.

Our unique programme provides intensive personal support and extensive voluntary work experience in a live warehouse environment.

Establishing good work habits, building self-confidence and providing additional support and advice, MOFVEP supports young people to secure accredited training, appropriate accommodation and invaluable employment experience.

Participants volunteer with our FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland service, which works with the food and drink industry to save good quality surplus food from going to waste and sending it to not-for-profit organisations working with the most vulnerable people in community.

As FareShare Glasgow and the West of Scotland works with a network of organisations, young people will also gain experience of volunteering with statutory and voluntary agencies, as well as representatives of major commercial food retailers.

The programme

MOFVEP sets out a clear series of stepping stones to enable young people to make the transition to employment.

This may start with a basic but essential focus on addressing any attitude problems and extends to consolidated support to ensure the young person can sustain their positive outcomes.

Our staged approach covers the steps below:

  • Motivational and personal planning
  • Personal and social development
  • Education and soft training
  • Pre-vocational and formal training
  • Employment access
  • Consolidation and sustainment

Work experience and training

The majority of young people volunteer in the FareShare Glasgow and West of Scotland warehouse, which provides experience of receiving deliveries, shelving stock, maintaining inventories and sorting orders. A smaller number of young people choose to gain administrative experience by volunteering in the FareShare Glasgow and West of Scotland office.

The real working environment of a live warehouse is popular with young people, with feedback being that it helped prepare them for a job. Young people also say the opportunity to “give back” and support the most vulnerable people in the community is a key reason why they enjoy the MOFVEP programme.

Some not-for-profit organisations visit the warehouse to pick up deliveries so young people will also experience working with “customers”, preparing orders and completing appropriate paperwork.

Participants will also make deliveries to Community Food Members across Glasgow and the West of Scotland, which provides an opportunity to experience the positive impact of their work.

Young people

MOFVEP is available to highly vulnerable young people from Glasgow who want to make the difficult transition from the care system or homelessness to a stable, adult life.


For more information or to refer a young person, please contact Shug in our Glasgow office on 0141 221 2272 or